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Piet "Skeet" Stoman Jr.

"PD" co-founded CrossFit PLUS264, Namibia's very  first CrossFit Affiliate. Trading a career in market &  socioeconomic research to follow his passion for coaching, sports and  helping others improve their lives through healthy lifestyle changes.

PD holds CF-L2, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and  CrossFit Football accreditations, as well as being a certified World  Rugby S&C Coach.
Deon "The Poison Dwarf" Gerber

Deon started training at CFP264 while still at  school, quickly out performing his diminutive size through sheer  willpower and grunt, becoming one of the strongest pound-for-pound  athletes in the PLUS264 Pride! As a coach, he is soft-spoken and  knowledgeable.

Deon holds a CF-L1 accreditation.
Lizl "Weezy" Stoman

Lizl is by nature meticulous and detailed. As an  athlete Lizl's weightlifting is technical and precise and not  surprising, she also coaches this way.

Lizl holds CF-L1 and Weightlifting accreditations.
Ingram "Skeezy" van Heerden

Ingram is a passionate coach with a strong  background in endurance sports. With a wealth of experience in multiple  sporting disciplines, he is able to bring a lot of real world knowledge  to benefit our athletes.

Ingram holds a CF-L1 accreditation.
CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity
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